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Fairytale Lake – Adam Dobrovits – Featured Photographer   62 comments

Fairytale Lake

    Fairytale Lake “Fairytale Therapy” – Budapest, Hungary – Adam Dobrovits – Featured Photographer Adam named this really cool image “Fairytale Therapy”.  Which fairytale do you think it represents?  This is one of those images where the reflection is so still you could flip the image upside down and it would still look normal.  […]

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Beauty and the Beast – Sarolta Ban – Featured Photographer   54 comments

Beauty and the Beast

    “Beauty and the Beast” – Budapest, Hungary – Sarolta Ban – Featured Photographer This shot could be straight out of a children’s story book.  Maybe “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”? When I was a kid, I always had a strong bond with animals of all species.  However I must say I never had […]

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