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Forgotten – Nelson Bolinhas – Featured Photographer   28 comments

Forgotten Coastal Portugal

    “Forgotten” – Coast of Portugal – Nelson Bolinhas – Featured Photographer Charlie’s Super Fantastic Photo Tip of the Day:  Create a “Moody” image.  It doesn’t matter if it is happy, surprise, dark and gloomy, etc.  Just let viewer feel an emotion and they will be hooked. Do you know those weird dreams where nothing […]

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Swinging Baby Bonobo – Manuela Kulpa – Featured Photographer   81 comments

Swinging Baby Bonobo

      Swinging Baby Bonobo “In Dreams I Can Fly”– Apenheul Primate Park, The Netherlands – Manuela Kulpa – Featured Photographer This definitely brought a smile to my face when I first opened it.  Whether in childhood or “apehood” innocence is bliss.  Manuela has captured the chimpanzee’s vegetarian cousin in a perfect light.  Please […]

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