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White Sands – Eric Kotara – Featured Photographer   46 comments

White Sands New Mexico

    White Sands, New Mexico “A Simple, Slightly Curved Horizon Line” – White Sands, New Mexico – Eric Kotara – Featured Photographer “K.I.S.S.”- Keep is Simple, Stupid! I try to remember this when I am out shooting.  As Eric shows in this wonderful photograph less is definitely more.  Sky, sand, shadow, beautiful woman and […]

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Thai Massage – Romain Mattei – Featured Photographer   68 comments

Thai Massage

    Thai Massage “Thai Massage” – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Romain Mattei – Featured Photographer What a fun photograph!  This is not exactly something that can be staged, just one of life’s little chuckles caught by the quick camera skills of Romain Mattei.  Read Romain’s story below and find out the true cost of […]

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