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Falling Tide – Elia Locardi – Featured Photographer   43 comments

Falling Tide Vernazza Cinque Terre Italy

    “Falling Tide” – Manarola, Le Cinque Terre, Italy – Elia Locardi – Featured Photographer This place may look familiar because the location was featured HERE (on PhotoBotos).  You might want to check it out because it shows how two spectacular photographers shoot the same place, almost from the same angle, but create two totally different […]

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Manarola – Inge Johnsson – Featured Photographer   68 comments


    Manarola “Manarola” – Manarola, Italy – Inge Johnsson – Featured Photographer I had never heard of this little Italian town nestled on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea.  Now that I have seen this image, I have to go when my family and I make it to Europe.  Much like Inge, a lot […]

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