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Jumping Penguins – Jim Mantock – Featured Photographer   45 comments

Jumping Swimming Penguins

    Jumping Penguins “Flying Penguins” – Somewhere in Antarctica – Jim Mantock – Featured Photographer Jim is like me! He loves to take photos of everything.  Jim is unlike me however because he has been to Antarctica and taken some really excellent shots of penguins.  Jealous indeed!  Technically this shot is very difficult to […]

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Bixby Bridge – Matt Granz – Featured Photographer   53 comments

Bixby Bridge by Moonlight

    Bixby Bridge “Bixby Bridge By Moonlight” – Big Sur, California – Matt Granz – Featured Photographer Highway 1 through Big Sur in California is known as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Bixby Bridge is one of the many highlights.  You have probably seen this bridge before even if you […]

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Fairytale Lake – Adam Dobrovits – Featured Photographer   62 comments

Fairytale Lake

    Fairytale Lake “Fairytale Therapy” – Budapest, Hungary – Adam Dobrovits – Featured Photographer Adam named this really cool image “Fairytale Therapy”.  Which fairytale do you think it represents?  This is one of those images where the reflection is so still you could flip the image upside down and it would still look normal.  […]

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Digital Photography Success

Scuba Diving at Night – Viktor Lyagushkin – Featured Photographer   56 comments

Scuba diving at night

    Scuba Diving at Night “Diving Under the Stars” – Blue Lake, Caucasus, Kabardino – Balkaria, Russia – Viktor Lyagushkin – Featured Photographer Judging by the views counts and comments, you guys love these split level shots just as much as we do.  Well here is a new twist we have never seen before.  […]

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Emperor Penguin – David C. Schultz – Featured Photographer   46 comments

Emperor Penguin

    Emperor Penguin “Polar Porthole” – Snow Hill Island, Antarctica – David C. Schultz – Featured Photographer Happy Birthday Mom! Our mom turns the big 60 today and I bet she is thrilled to know we just told the whole world (or maybe just the 10,000 people that follow this blog)  So for her […]

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Big Wave – Oier Aso – Featured Photographer   66 comments

Big Wave

    “Big Wave” – San Sebastián, Spain – Oier Aso – Featured Photographer It is not often that a wave blocks a mountain from view.  In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen it before.  This splash has to be at least 100 feet high if it is an inch.  I also love […]

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