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Three Headed Giraffe – Tony Murtagh – Featured Photographer   49 comments

Three Headed Giraffe

    “Three Headed Giraffe” – Samburu Nature Preserve, Kenya –Tony Murtagh – Featured Photographer Charlie’s Super Fantastic Photo Tip of the Day: Start off the day in program mode if you are not sure what you are going to photograph. This way when you pull it out of your bag to take that once […]

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Field of Sunflowers – Avi Revivo – Featured Photographer   48 comments

Field of Sunflowers

    Field of Sunflowers “A Hundred Million Suns” – Israel Fields, United Kingdom – Avi Revivo – Featured Photographer I have always wondered where all of these giant fields of sunflowers are located.  Here in San Diego, we have the Carlsbad Flower Fields, but they just don’t compare to the enormity of some of […]

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