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Embracing the Wind – David Lloyd – Featured Photographer   45 comments

Masai Mara Lion

     “Embracing the Wind” – Masai Mara, Kenya – David Lloyd – Featured Photographer Here is one for all of you big cat lover’s out there.   I love that it is in black and white (B/W). It adds more drama to the scene.  B/W doesn’t always work for wildlife, but the master photographer’s seem […]

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Fly Geyser – Jared Ropelanto – Featured Photographer   55 comments

Fly Geyser

    “Fly Geyser” – Black Rock Desert, Nevada – Jared Ropelanto – Featured Photographer I have only seen a few images of Fly Geyser, but they all have been breathtaking.  It is weird to think it was actually man made (read story below ). The colors are spectacular and it would probably be a […]

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