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“The New Superman” – Netherlands – Edwin Kats   52 comments

new superman super squirrel

      “The New  Superman” – Netherlands  – Edwin Kats – Featured Photographer Super squirrel! This little guy is a definite smile generator.  Even our Mom, who wars with the gray squirrels every spring in her garden, has to love this little guy.  I have never seen this angle before of a squirrel in midair. […]

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Coral Garden – Floris van Breugel – Featured Photographer   31 comments

Coral Garden - Floris van Breugel

     Coral Garden “Coral Garden” – Ofu Island, American Samoa – Floris van Breugel – Featured Photographer I am ready to pack my scuba gear and head to Ofu Island.  This is a photograph that could “launch 1,000 ships” as they say.  I am not sure what is more beautiful, the island topography or the […]

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