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Rochester Panorama – Neil Kremer – Featured Photographer   41 comments

Rochester Panorama

     “Rochester Panorama” – Rochester, New York – Neil Kremer – Featured Photographer Charlie’s Super Fantastic Photo Tip of the Day:  Panoramas are a great way to show an entire view.  You can stitch several shots together in Photoshop to create one massive image. Wow! This photo has so much going on. Wherever you look […]

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Coral Garden – Floris van Breugel – Featured Photographer   31 comments

Coral Garden - Floris van Breugel

     Coral Garden “Coral Garden” – Ofu Island, American Samoa – Floris van Breugel – Featured Photographer I am ready to pack my scuba gear and head to Ofu Island.  This is a photograph that could “launch 1,000 ships” as they say.  I am not sure what is more beautiful, the island topography or the […]

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