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Getting Started with Photoshop   1 comment

St Louis, Arch - After Curve Adjustment

Non-destructive editing using Adjustment Layers Initially I had intended to provide a few hints/tips in the way of descriptive text and screenshots. Then I decided i’d need way too many screenshots, so a video (screen capture) would be better with narration. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stand the sound of my own voice on film so decided that […]

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Grotte di Castellana (Castellana Caves) – Bari, Apulia, Italy – Fabio Nodari   17 comments

Castellana Caves

    Grotte di Castellana  (Castellana Caves) –  Bari, Apulia, Italy – Fabio Nodari Today’s photographer, Fabio Nodari has what I call “The Eye”. You know when you go photographing with a friend who is an excellent photographer and they always seem to know where to point the camera (even on very mundane days) to get […]

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What is a Dugong – Abu Dabbab Bay, Egypt – Rutger Geerling   28 comments

what is a dugong

                      What is a Dugong? What is a Dugong – Abu Dabbab Bay, Egypt – Rutger Geerling What is a Dugong? I am sure most people have never asked this question because they probably never knew that they existed. Well hopefully these beautiful images by […]

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Digital Photography Success

Photography How To – Black and White Photography Tutorial


    Photography How To – Black and White 5 Black and White Photography Tips – By: Darren Rowse 1. Shoot in RAW I know many readers of DPS can’t shoot in RAW (because their camera doesn’t offer it) or don’t shoot in RAW (because they either don’t know how or don’t like to) but […]

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Donner Party – Donner Lake, California – Elizabeth Carmel   31 comments

donner party

    Donner Party Donner Party – Donner Lake, California – Elizabeth Carmel Ok, I must admit the Donner Party title is mine and mine alone. Sorry for the bad joke.  It is the type of pun my stepfather (Tom’s Dad) is infamous for. I just couldn’t help myself when I saw Donner Lake and […]

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Photography How To – Portraits Tutorial

photography how to portraits

    Photography How To – Portraits Today’s Photography How To comes from 7 Pro Tips for Better Portraits – By Peter Kolonia Many decisions go into shooting a single portrait. Often, as we chat with our subjects, we’re not even aware that we’re making choices about framing, subject distance and position, color palette, focal […]

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