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Solstice – Tucson, Arizona – Stephen Oachs   9 comments

Solstice Tucson Petroglyphs

    Solstice – Tucson, Arizona – Stephen Oachs Light Painting can really create a dramatic image when shooting night photography. The Solstice above is an amazing example of this technique. After reading his story below, please check out Stephen’s gallery and incredible photography school Enjoy! Enter Stephen: Between 200 and 1450 A.D, […]

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Romantic Night – Alberta, Canada – Paul Lavoie   10 comments


    Romantic Night – Alberta, Canada – Paul Lavoie   We really enjoy light painting and this is one of the most creative that we have seen in a long time.  The process is basically when you keep the shutter open and move a bright light source through the image. Sometimes the photographer traces […]

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Adversity – London, United Kingdom – Robert Baggs   25 comments


    Adversity – London, United Kingdom – Robert Baggs You know something is cool when you can’t explain why.  I certainly can’t explain this image of sparks flying over a person in a gas mask, but I know it is really cool.    Creative art tends to be that way. Some people get it and […]

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Bixby Bridge – Matt Granz – Featured Photographer   53 comments

Bixby Bridge by Moonlight

    Bixby Bridge “Bixby Bridge By Moonlight” – Big Sur, California – Matt Granz – Featured Photographer Highway 1 through Big Sur in California is known as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Bixby Bridge is one of the many highlights.  You have probably seen this bridge before even if you […]

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Flaming Gauntlet – Drew Hopper – Featured Photographer   29 comments

Flaming Gauntlet

    “Flaming Gauntlet” – Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia – Drew Hopper – Featured Photographer Since reading “Trick Photography and Special Effects…” from our E-book selection, I have really gotten into painting with light.  Today’s image is a spectacular example of what you can do with a bit of creativity and patience.  Drew’s […]

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