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A New Day – Matteo Zanvettor – Featured Photographer   37 comments

Dolomites a new day

    Dolomites ODLE Mountain Group “A New Day” – The Dolomites, Italy – Matteo Zanvettor – Featured Photographer Light is the most important part of any photograph.  Even the most beautiful places in the world can look drab in poor lighting.  Likewise, the right light can make the most unattractive scenes bearable, even beautiful.  […]

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Night Dreams – Jorge Maia – Featured Photographer   53 comments

Night Dreams

    Night Dreams “Whispers of Eternity” – Adraga Beach, Portugal – Jorge Maia – Featured Photographer Do you feel like this could be another planet?  Some alien world that we have never seen before?  Well as Jorge points out below, the beach at night is a completely different place void of most people.  So […]

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