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Multnomah Falls – Outside Portland, Oregon – Robert Arrington   37 comments

Redwoods Multnomah Falls

    Multnomah Falls – Outside Portland, Oregon – Robert Arrington When I think of the Pacific Northwest I think of water and the color green.  Robert Arrington brings this in spades (and then some) with this classic waterfall. At over 600 feet this is a must see for anyone visiting the Portland area. So read […]

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Grand Falls – Scott Wood – Featured Photographer   47 comments

Grand Falls in Golden Light

    Grand Falls “Grand Falls” – Flagstaff, AZ – Scott Wood – Featured Photographer Today my wife and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in Yellowstone National Park with our two boys.  Don’t feel sorry for Tom. Today he is touring through the Napa Valley with his beautiful future wife tasting everything in […]

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Close – Tom Svensson – Featured Photographer   32 comments

Cheetah smile

    “Close” – Near Kruger National Park, South Africa – Tom Svensson – Featured Photographer This is the type of wildlife image that I strive to get when I am out it the field. The one where you can smell the animals breathe through the photo.  Wide angle shots of dangerous animals make you […]

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Digital Photography Success

Golden Lion Tamarin – Sue Demetriou – Featured Photographer   40 comments

Golden Lion Tamarin

    “Golden Lion Tamarin” – Bristol, United Kingdom – Sue Demetriou  – Featured Photographer Sue’s image looks like it should be in Joel Sartore’s  “Biodiversity” project.  It is that good.  By the way if anyone knows Joel, feel free to turn him on to our site. Anyways like Sue I have only seen these […]

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One of a Kind – Thomas Dawson – Featured Photographer   55 comments

One of a kind Zhangjiajie National Park

    “One of a Kind” – Zhangjiajie National Park, China–Thomas Dawson- Featured Photographer Zhangjiajie National Park was China’s first national park in 1982.  These tall pillar formations are seen throughout the park shrouded in fog, giving it an authentic feel of China. Thomas’s image really captures the height and depth of the formation as […]

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Japanese Garden – Tom Schwabel – Featured Photographer   64 comments

Portland Japanese Garden

     Japanese Garden “Japanese Garden” – Portland, Oregon – Tom Schwabel – Featured Photographer Japanese gardens are amazing places to visit as well as photograph.  Everything seems to be just in the right place.  As if it is waiting for someone to come by and snap a photo.  Don’t believe me. Then Check out […]

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