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Pingu! Calgary Zoo – Lee Tickett   6 comments

Pingu! Calgary Zoo - Lee Tickett

Pingu! Calgary Zoo – Lee Tickett First, a big plee for you to keep sending in your submissions, and encourage your friends/family to send us theirs Still finding us a little bit short so I will continue to fill the gaps to ensure we have a new photo every day. Every submission will be […]

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Baby Penguins – Steve Shuey – Featured Photographer   61 comments

Baby penguins

    “THANK YOU!”  Here is a big thank you for all of you guys who continue to visit our site and view the wonderful photographers we promote.  We also would like to thank you for using our links (to the right) to start your searches online.  The revenue we generate from you guys allows […]

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Jumping Penguins – Jim Mantock – Featured Photographer   45 comments

Jumping Swimming Penguins

    Jumping Penguins “Flying Penguins” – Somewhere in Antarctica – Jim Mantock – Featured Photographer Jim is like me! He loves to take photos of everything.  Jim is unlike me however because he has been to Antarctica and taken some really excellent shots of penguins.  Jealous indeed!  Technically this shot is very difficult to […]

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Digital Photography Success

Emperor Penguin – David C. Schultz – Featured Photographer   46 comments

Emperor Penguin

    Emperor Penguin “Polar Porthole” – Snow Hill Island, Antarctica – David C. Schultz – Featured Photographer Happy Birthday Mom! Our mom turns the big 60 today and I bet she is thrilled to know we just told the whole world (or maybe just the 10,000 people that follow this blog)  So for her […]

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