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. vs. – Product Review Why We Transferred to When we first started, it was intended to be a platform for Charlie to post his images and receive feedback from the Community.  Since then, we have been on a ride that was completely unexpected.  Over the course of a couple weeks, […]

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Great Sand Dunes National Park – Mel Mann – Guest Photographer   47 comments

Great Sand Dunes Sunset

    The World of Mel Mann – Guest Photographer Today’s guest photographer is Mel Mann from Omaha, Nebraska.  Mel has a passion for photographing the natural world and this is evident in his very clean photo gallery (  He also cranks out a very interesting blog to explain a lot of his artistic ideas at  […]

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San Clemente Pier Sunset – San Clemente, CA   26 comments

San Clemente Pier and Cloud

    San Clemente Pier Sunset – San Clemente, CA This was one of those days where you force yourself to go out and take pictures.  I am glad I did because as usual I was pleasantly surprised.  I photographed the pier from dozens of angles from about an hour before sunset to a half […]

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