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So You Want To Be A Cowboy? – Mike Pillows – Featured Photographer   30 comments


    “So You Want To Be A Cowboy?” – Cody, Wyoming – Mike Pillows – Featured Photographer Charlie’s Super Fantastic Photo Tip of the Day: If you find yourself using one end of a zoom lens over 75% of the time then you should look into buying a prime lens of that focal length.  […]

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Pouncing Red Fox – Tin Man Lee – Featured Photographer   50 comments

Pouncing Red Fox

    Pouncing Red Fox “Red Fox Pouncing In Snow” – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming – Tin Man Lee – Featured Photographer Here is another amazing image from one of Charles Glatzer’s students (remember the Spirit Bear).  Talk about a moment in time.  Last week we had a snarling wolf, this week a jubilant red fox.  […]

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