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Tasmanian Devil

Camera Canon EOS 7D; Focal Length 70mm; Shutter Speed 1/60 sec; Aperture f/5.6; ISO/Film 1250

Taz the Tasmanian Devil – Island of Tazmania – Gerd Kainz


Happy Halloween!

When I was a kid the only thing that I knew about Tasmanian Devils was learned from Taz the Tasmanian devil in cartoons. Thanks to Gerd Kainz we get to see a Tasmanian devil up close and personal without the fear of being eaten. Gerd Kainz is an outstanding photographer from Mondsee, Austria. His wide range of beautiful photography can be found here.  http://500px.com/catweasle


Enter Gerd:

Most People probably know Taz the Tasmanian devil from the Looney Tune cartoons. I took this shot in Tasmania. It’s the only place in the world where you can find Tasmanian devils in the wild.  The population is decreasing so there are not so many left. They are on the verge of extinction. One of my wishes since I’m a child was to visit Australia. Finally I went there in February this year and one of the highlights was the journey to the island of Tasmania.

When I took the shot I had to be really fast, because the devils had just made a kill and were fighting for their meal. I took my 70-300mm zoom lens, switched my camera to continuous shooting. I tried to follow the running devils and made a couple of shots. This one was the best because you can see how the devil snarls and defends his food against the others. On this day, it was very cloudy so I had to work with a quite high ISO-setting. The result was a shutter speed of 1/60s what was hardly enough to freeze the movement of the very fast animals. After I saw the picture on the display I was happy to get this moment.

Camera Canon EOS 7D

Focal Length 70mm

Shutter Speed 1/60 sec

Aperture f/5.6

ISO/Film 1250

Thanks for reading Taz the Tasmanian Devil.


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17 responses to Taz the Tasmanian Devil – Island of Tazmania – Gerd Kainz

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  1. You certainly were lucky to get this shot in the wild, or was it taken in the one of the sanctuaries in Tasmania. I see a few as roadkill when I visit Tasmania, but have never seen one in the wild down there….Thanks for posting this great photo.

  2. A bit scary but still nice 🙂

  3. Wow! This is a great shot — this Tasmanian Devil looks so menacing and I know they are not that big! Thank you so much for stopping by and following Travel Oops! Steph

  4. I’d say they are aptly named – with a scowl like that… but he’s probably cute with his mouth shut. Awesome photo!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  5. They certainly little scrappers. You have to admire them. Well done with the photo.

  6. Great photo and yes this guy does look really nasty. His fierce look is captured nicely.

  7. A rare moment…indeed. Fascinating and scary!

  8. He’s a creepy little guy!

  9. What an expressive photo! Nice job!

  10. The stand-alone photo is appropriately movie-star-poster-sized by PhotoBotos.com standards! 😉 “Ummm, RABBIT SANDWICH!” 😀


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  12. It’s a shame we can’t hear the sound this creature makes too! Out of this world. Excellent picture.

  13. He looks so fierce. Great photo, and I hope the animals will survive.

  14. Glorious shot of a wonderful animal. Let’s hope the measures being taken to save them work!

  15. Unfortunately for the Devil, a cancerous face tumour is decimating Tasmania’s wild Devil, however a Devil Sanctuary on the Mainland in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales is having a good deal of success breeding Devils who appear to be free of the tumours. The ‘Australian Reptile Park’ together with 7 Australian zoos are working together on the Devil breeding project. A 350 hectare property has been made available by James Packer (at a very moderate price). This area has been fenced off so as to keep the Devils safe from predators. All going well, the Devil should not face the extinction that was certain were these measures not taken.
    Gerd; the Devils are notoriously dangerous in the wild; however as pups they are just as gorgeous as any other… A wonderful image you’ve taken for sure…. Too cute..!

  16. Sweet image!!! Boy these fellows look nasty!!!!!

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