Textures and Patterns – Agave Leaves – Phoenix, AZ   5 comments




Textures and Patterns – Agave Leaves – Phoenix, AZ

Usually when you think of Agave plants you think of tequila!  Well at least I do.  However I took this photograph of an agave in the Desert Botanical Garden of Phoenix to illustrate texture and patterns.  Repeating patterns at roughly the same depth of field is key.  Look around you will see patterns and textures almost everywhere.  By getting in close and focusing on just a few fleshy leaves you really get the feeling of how smooth the leaves are and how sharp the tips would feel.  I guess this is ironic because it is one of the last plants that I would want to be next two if I had a shot of tequila.

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5 responses to Textures and Patterns – Agave Leaves – Phoenix, AZ

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  1. awesome photo!

  2. As horticulturalists we love agaves. Their tough symetrical beauty allows pretty much anyone to grow them and they have numerous benefits should you wish to take advantage of the net and learn how to make tequila and agave nectar as well as being a safe haven for wildlife. I had to extract a baby chicken from an aloe vera the other day after the dog gave it a scare and I came off worse than the chick. Amazing photography and a very lucky person to be living in this fantastic scenic area of the world. We have some pretty nice photo opportunities here in Tasmania but its fantastic to be able to see these lovely photos of something that we will probably never get to see. Thanks heaps guys and keep up the amazing work and especially the sharing bit :o)

  3. Amazing! The interaction between nature and the zoom-in of the camera-brilliant!

  4. Glad I’m not the only photog who’s in love with textures. 😉

  5. Beautiful pictures . . .

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