“The Buddha Tree” – Ayutthaya, Thailand – Tashi Delek – Featured Photographer   66 comments




“The Buddha Tree” – Ayutthaya, Thailand – Tashi Delek – Featured Photographer

Wow! Man and nature fused together as one.  Just an hour outside of Bangkok lays the historic city of Aytthaya.  Many of the 14th century temples and wats were destroyed by the Burmese in the 18th century.  Out of the destruction has risen an unexpected national treasure.  It is unclear how the Buddha head ended up inside the roots of this tree, but it has become a symbol of Thailand.  Tashi Delek captured the deity along with his offerings beautifully.    

Please take a minute to study the intricacies of the photograph then view the rest of Tashi’s portfolio at http://500px.com/the22row .

Take it Away Tashi:

I took this photo at a temple called “Wat Phra Mahathat” in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

This temple is where you can spot the famous tree that has grown around a Buddha head.

When taking pictures of you and the Buddha head, make sure you sit on your knees to show respect, as it is considered holy by Thais.

Thank you.

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Lens: EF 24-105mm F4L IS USM



ISO 200

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66 responses to “The Buddha Tree” – Ayutthaya, Thailand – Tashi Delek – Featured Photographer

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  1. amazingly beautiful. Can’t wait to go back to Thailand and explore some more xx

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  4. Ahh, the memories!

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    Is this cool or what. Another place I would love to visit.

  6. great,just great!

  7. Glorious… nature has it’s own agenda of art.

  8. Wow!

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  10. There is a much better picture of the same buddha head here, taken by me in 1991

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  12. Amazing pictures! Thanks for checking out my blog – I’m going to enjoy keeping up with your page! The world has so many amazing places to visit and things to see.

  13. This blows me away! Stunning image full of warmth, peace and beauty

    Meredith Barnes
  14. This is absolutely amazing. What a remarkable tree! The lighting gives a nice feel to the photo, capturing a warmth and sense of awe. Nicely done!

  15. Awesome! I did a charcoal drawing of a Buddha tree, titled “Bodhi and Soul” You can see it here: http://nvy.gd/rpXOQ6
    Would love to hear what you think :]

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  17. This is my favorite so far. I love the sensibility of this blog. Thank you.

  18. I’ve been there! Ayutthaya is simply beautiful. Great photo!

  19. Oh my goodness! This is stunning.x

  20. I just wanted to come by and say thanks for liking my post, but I just got so caught up in browsing your photos. You have some really quality pics, thanks for the upload.

  21. Thailand has just moved up on my bucket list, thanks to this photo!

  22. Wow! Fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Wow, this tree was absolutely beautiful and so artistic. I am in awe of this tree. I just love this photo

  24. That is so cool! I remember seeing this tree in the opening scene from Ong Bok. If you like Muay Thai or action, then you’ll love this move.

  25. Amazing

  26. Wow. Just . . . wow.

  27. I’m starting to develop a dependence on PhotoBotos for a daily dose of beauty. I’m thinking you might soon replace chocolate. Thank you for the fantastic distractions from a hectic work day. Keep ’em coming.

  28. Simply Wow !

  29. Thailand is one of my favorite places — I hope to live there in a few years. This is a beautiful reminder of a gentle people. Thank you. Andrea

  30. Fabulous!

  31. I really am enjoying your blog. You introduce us to the most amazing photographers and their photographs!
    Thank you for sharing the beauty.

  32. Love this…Simply love it…Bravo to the photographer/artist…Bev B

  33. PhotoBotos. Nature is so mysterious that I try not to understand it. And so with awe I just embrace this picture and take in the beauty of it all. Thanks for sharing.

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  35. The face is too beautiful to be real. Amazing.

  36. Love this photo – thanks for sharing!

  37. This is so so beautiful!

  38. That is an amazing photo… I wonder how it got there too… Must be a story! 🙂

  39. This is a amazing picture, thanks for sharing.

  40. Thank you so much for sharing this photography. I am really interested in the rest of your blog too. Can’t wait to have some time to look back at your earlier posts. Have a great day!

  41. Despite the Buddha head within the intertwined roots it is really the tiny bouquet of pink flowers which makes the photo. A nice touch. Well done Tashi!

  42. Wow! Thanks for sharing this.

  43. so beautiful!!

  44. Cool, cool photo. This puts me in mind of a Santana Album cover (from the 60’s ?). If I remember correctly it was a lion, but the lines in the lion were comprised of people. Very interesting, just like the roots of this tree. Like I said before, you come up with some really wonderful stuff on your blog. Good job!

  45. An amazing sight!

  46. How beautiful and inspiring!

  47. WOW. A new meaning for returning to nature – or going back to your roots

  48. A beautiful and peaceful photo. Jay

  49. I wrote a scene in one of my novels, imagining a tree like this. and here it is!

  50. I visited Bangkok several time in the 70’s. It was a beautiful city. Great people as well. We took lots of photos with my Minolta SLR, Back then, color slides were the “in thing” to have.

  51. I was there last month, it’s even more stunning and peaceful in real life! Lovely picture!

  52. Dear Charlie/Tom,

    I noticed there were no Pakistani photographers featured in your list; let’s see if I can change that.

    Thank you for appreciating my blog.

    Take care,

  53. I was there last year and have a photo with the same motive too. 🙂 I would recommend renting an audio guide, as it was very informative. Cheers!

  54. Amazing.


  55. Simply amazing.

  56. Really beautiful.

  57. Absolutely stunning. I love mysteries such as Stone Henge or the likes of this Buddha inside the tree; it fills my mind with so much amazement and wonder. I would love to go there!

  58. Great.

  59. The picture is wonderful but I don’t bow my knee to a god trapped in the roots of a tree:)

  60. A perfect name for this tree — it seems to have absorbed and come to peace with everything around it. Lovely photo.

  61. I love it when you mix Art with Nature. Very effective and imaginative.

  62. Just beautiful.

  63. I love trees and wood and Buddhas, and this has it all.

  64. SE Asia and it’s countries never cease to amaze me – fabulous shot.

  65. love this…thanks for sharing

  66. Great photo, hope to travel there soon.

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