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 The Fraggle – Pismo Beach, CA

What is the first word or thought that comes to mind when viewing this photo?  If you are by yourself then say it out loud.  If you are at work then please say it internally.  I don’t want you to lose a cool job that lets you surf the internet for cool photos.  Some people may notice the beautiful sunrise, or the guy with dread locks hunched over the rail.  If you are like me then your eyes go straight to the breaking wave below (3-5 foot reef break).   When I first saw the photo I was very surprised.  It appears to symbolize  “a new hope rising above despair”.  It could be a warm sun rising over a down trodden soul.  What do you see and more importantly feel?

Spoiler alert!  My perception couldn’t be any further from reality.  In fact the rising sun is really setting over the west coast.  The young guy in the photo’s name is Fraggle.  I had a great conversation with him about the area, places to surf, and vantage points for other great photo shoots.  He was a really happy dude living life and 100% stoked to be in the picture.  The reason he is slumped over the rail is because he is watching his friends surf the waves below.  It is funny how a photograph can take a moment in time, a visual record of history, and change the perception of reality 360 degrees.

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  3. Wow, that’s a gorgeous photo. It really draws you in. I love the arches.

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  5. Peace.

  6. Thanks for your LIKE. But a bigger thank-you goes out for The Fraggle – what a stunningly quiet photo. Seeing the pic was a great way to wake up on a cold Chicago morning in February! Niiiice.

  7. Wow this is absolutely beautiful! Reminds me of home in a way.

  8. Gorgeous photo. I enjoy dropping by your blog every now and then and catching up on the great shots!

  9. A very dramatic shot! i still have to see other photos in your gallery, but looking at the few ones initially, i’m sure your other shots also speak for themselves. I’m sure i’d learn a lot from your shots as i am a photography enthusiast tying to learn the tricks of photography…Thanks for noticing my blog, as I’m a newbie here…

  10. The first word that came to my mind was… hunchback.

    Strange, but true.


  11. Wish I could be there now.
    Beautiful colors in this sunset.
    Nicely composed!

  12. I knew I wasn’t at Pismo Beach….:) Love your mix of pics and thoughts — thanks!

  13. Great composition and I love the star effect of the sun. Beautiful!

  14. Very interesting how we interpret images. Great photo, very calming.

  15. What a soothing photo. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my posts. I appreciate the attention! I love the feeling of this photo – the peace of a good sunset just fills you up, I think.

  16. One of the most stunning photos I have every seen!

  17. My first thought was “Beautiful!”, directed at the sunset.

  18. That is aaahhhhhmazing photo love it…. stunning…. please check out my page i am a photographer to :0) have a great day…

  19. Do we not see that which is at our center….very nice imagery….!

  20. My first thought was the feeling of content and awe for GOD’s creation… You can’t ask for a more beautiful scenery such as this…Great!

  21. Hello..Thank you for the likes. I apologize for my tardiness in thanking you. Beautiful pic. Of course, I see that. When I was in the AF I use to go to dances at Pismo Beach every Wednesday night. On weekends I would barrel down “the Golden State Fwy. when they were building that to bypass downtown LA… On my way home to my lady in San Diego. “The big pond” holds adventure for those willing to jump it.. Something I did in a DC3 4 times.. bumpy stuff.. 🙂
    Peace Tony

  22. great photo

  23. T’is A GORGEOUS Pic, That’s Fo SHO.
    Love IT!

  24. I guess I was biased. The moment I saw “Pismo Beach” I thought … “Ahhhh … happiness.” (Without even REALLY looking at the photo. Pismo holds some of my happiest and most contented moments. That personal connection and the gorgeous ocean sunset (I know Pismo well, and know that it MUST have been a setting sun) gave me that, sigh-of-contentment type feeling. I really enjoyed your photo. Lovely.

  25. I can easily imagine sitting there, sipping a glass of wine! Lovely.

  26. Hi! I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award. Please see my blog for details

  27. The first thing came into my mind was AHHH … relaxing. I was about to go and look at it again when you said it was sun over a sad soul … I saw beauty. Guess I just like the BEACH!

  28. The first thing I tuned into was the magnificence of the sunset. I felt the radiant golden hues fill my senses and I felt I was there in that brilliance. Thank you for sharing. I love being by the water and blessedly, I only live a few blocks from our waterfront. Thank you so much for sharing and allowing me to take a time out.

  29. My thought was, “This is a great hotel. How am I going to ever going to pay for it?”

  30. My first thought was ‘despair’, then ‘homelessness,’ then wow, gorgeous sunset. Funny that he’s not sad at all, just the head hanging gives that false impression. Like all good art, being able to interpret a scene based on our unique filters it what makes art so wonderful!

  31. Being a west-coaster, I imagined that the sun was setting. There are few sights more beautiful than watching the sun set over the ocean. We are truly bless in this nation- from sea to shining sea!

  32. That sunset just says it all in this photo. It’s so darn beautiful. And it’s the perfect ending to any day. Wonderful shot

  33. How strange, I have sometimes seen places like this in my dreams, when the body is at rest but the spirit is out and about….a balcony looking out into vast oceans with bright light and warm air. Air, earth, fire and water all in the same photo. I don’t think it matters whether it’s sunrise or sunset, every viewer can make up their own minds.

  34. Peace. Tranquil. Serene.

  35. My first thought was ‘lonely’. I felt he needed someone to watch that beautiful sunset with him!

  36. You captured a perfect sunrays. Beautiful!

  37. Very surprising and beautiful!
    I guess that every great photo has a story and I enjoyed hearing this one.

  38. wonderful photo – truly stunning!

  39. My first thoughts were “Biblical/Spiritual” Fraggle’s attire(in silhouette) could easily be mistaken for a Middle-Eastern garment.
    In any words this picture is so peacefully stunning. Nice catch.

  40. I found that the texture of the light on the columns framed the entire presentation quite nicely. OM

  41. ooh-ahh! Compelling image. Sun and curve of building grabbed my attention. And you fooled me completely. I was sure this was a dreadlocked old man in despair. 🙂

  42. Wow! 🙂

  43. The sun is a star but we do not always think of it as such. I think the amazing thing about this photo is that the sun actually looks like a star.

  44. Clearly a beautiful place… This Tennessee gal would love to visit someday.. Good pic!

  45. So many good components to this photo. The Border of the building, the sun in the background, the ocean and the waves. Of course the unseen jealousy that we all feel looking it thinking “I wish I was there!”

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    So many good components to this photo. The Border of the building, the sun in the background, the ocean and the waves. Of course the unseen jealousy that we all feel looking it thinking “I wish I was there!”

  47. Peace, grace, serenity……something you might see on a sympathy card. Maybe it is the bowed head?

  48. LOVE

  49. Magnificent then Wowwwww… I din’t see the man (not ’til later). I saw a most beautiful sun and its rays coming t’ward me framed by the most beautiful architecture…. with colours that brought my soul to flight… then, after I read the words I realised that there was a man in the pic….(Back down to earth) – Yes, we all see through different eyes… 😉

  50. Great photo. It just made me think how great life is. Though my first word was probably something like “phwooaar” 😛

  51. My first thought was BEAUTIFUL! and I did say it out loud. I knew it was a sunset, I love them. I felt I was there experiencing this beautiful scene. I felt warm inside and full of peace. Thank you for sharing this it has started my morning off with the right tone. It is now 5:18 am.

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