“The Polar Express” – Aizu, Japan – Hideyuki Katagiri – Featured Photographer   69 comments



The Polar Express Aizu Japan


“The Polar Express” – Aizu, Japan – Hideyuki Katagiri – Featured Photographer

This has got to be one of the most spectacular winter photos I have ever seen.  Is that train bound for the North Pole?  I knew Japan was beautiful, but my mind would have a hard time dreaming up a more beautiful winter wonderland.  So please, take another sip of hot coco, warm up by the fire, and enjoy Hideyuki’s amazing photo. Once you have soaked it all in please visit his site at http://500px.com/hideyuki-5.

Take it away Hideyuki:

This photo was taken two years ago.  This is the first bridge over the Tadami River in Mishima, Fukushima, Japan and famous for  the  Japanese railroad.  By the way, Fukushima divides into  three areas – Aizu, Hama dori, and Naka dori.  Here in the Aizu area the nature is very special. In winter, Aizu receives the heaviest snowfall  in almost all of Japan.  This photo was taken in February during an extremely heavy snow season. I shoved away snow and climbed to the top of this large mountain. On the top, I was impressed by the perfect snow world!  I waited until the train passed and took this with my Canon 5D and 24-70mm lens.

I photographed all four seasons of Aizu for a few years.  I will hold a photo exhibition on 24th-30th,May,2012 in HCL photo gallery Shinjuku-Gyoen..  Please come here if you can!


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69 responses to “The Polar Express” – Aizu, Japan – Hideyuki Katagiri – Featured Photographer

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  2. Thanks for this photo – so magical and inspiring. I just love Japan.

  3. Breathtaking. Thoughttaking. Soultaking. To be a spirit floating over this landscape…

  4. Spectacular! So crisp and clear!

  5. What???

  6. What a wonderland. A whole novel could be constructed around this one photograph. The snow was heavy. Bare branches of large trees had put on snow coats and alternated with the darker pine similarly dressed. Far below on a bridge over a river reflecting snow capped mountains and sky a train was suspended on tracks over still waters. There was no sound. Only the large music of an enormous wilderness and a biting cold.

  7. Outstanding image – I love this photo!

  8. A magnificent photo with unbelievable detail and atmosphere.

  9. This is SO amazing!

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    With winter on its way out (or so we like to think) I wanted to share this spectacular picture of winter in Japan.

    Kiersten Marek
  11. It’s so beautiful! I could never hope more that it’ll snow here.

  12. The bliss of this image. The dynamic of traveling to a fantastic world. Very nice pic indeed. Thanks for this.

  13. The graphics in the movie were so absolutely gorgeous just like this photo!

  14. It’s GORGEOUS.
    I So So SO Want That Photo ON MY WALL.

  15. I don’t usually comment because there are so many comments ahead of me, there is little new left to say. Still, I had to say something about this one (and your site in general). We haven’t had much of a winter where I live (not Japan). This is a stunning photo that captures the magic of winter scenes. I did not grow up with snow, so for the first few snowy weeks, I am a child in wonder.

    Thank you for these amazing photos you find and share. I’m often inspired to write and always looking forward to seeing what treasure you’ve found.

  16. Stunning picture & fabulous blog!

  17. There are no words….but i’ll try one,,,,amazing!

  18. Absolutely stunning…the reflections in the water add a gorgeous depth. Fabulous shot.

  19. Wonderful shot.

  20. Incredibly picture, truly breath taking. Words can’t do this photo justice.

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    A stunning glimpse of a Winter Wonderland!

  22. Let’s see, “beautiful”, “breathaking”, and “stunning” have all been taken…
    Can I call “sublime”?

  23. Stunningly beautiful!

  24. Stunning

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  26. Hi,
    A very stunning photo, a winter wonderland. 🙂

  27. Gorgeous winter paradise.

  28. I love the lack of color, and especially the way the bridge seems to form an oval! What a great pic! Sometimes, traveling is the muse, the camera the story!

  29. how beautiful and peaceful…simply fantastic…

  30. Simply beautiful.

  31. This is so beautiful and peaceful. Thanks for sharing this.


  32. Nice composition of a beautiful winter scene. The reflection really makes this photo.

  33. What a fantastic picture

  34. Love the composition of this photo! I’m sitting by the fire so I’m toasty while enjoying this beautiful winter scene.

  35. This picture is breathtaking, I’d love to be on that train enjoying the scenery first hand.

  36. I lived in Yamagata-Ken for three years and had very similar scenery! There is no place quite like Japan in the winter. Totemo Kirei desu yo! Totemo!!

  37. Great photo! We would love to run free there without leashes and enjoy the beauty.
    Bella and DiDi

  38. One word…breathtaking!

  39. It’s a winter wonderland! How beautiful!

  40. Wonderful to see this breathtaking photo of an area in this country I love so much! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for “The Versatile Blog” award. You’ll find the instructions and such on my page: http://lifeofaboiledegg.com/2012/02/29/some-happy-words-on-this-leap-day/

    Hope you’re having an awesome Leap Day! 🙂

  41. Beautiful!

  42. Beautiful!

  43. Wow! Thanks for sharing that spectacular scene!

  44. Wow! Simply stunning! Thanks for sharing this!

  45. Stunning clarity and tones. Congrats, Katagiri-san!

  46. Absolutely stunning.

  47. How do you always manage to be there at the right time, to snap the shot? What a cool photo. Great job.

  48. One great and beautiful photo. Jay

  49. Gorgeous! I would love to visit there.

  50. Way Awesome!

  51. I want to go on a trip too! 🙂

  52. Fabulous and breathtaking. I agree that it looks like something that could be from a fairly tale!

  53. Breathtaking! And totally inspiring! I want to be on that train, but, in the meantime, maybe I’ll just let this incredible photo attempt to inspire some writing. If it managed to produce anything even half as beautiful, I’ll be happy.

  54. Fantastic picture. Thanks.

  55. woosh, it´s spellbinding. It makes me go to Japan even more. Thanks for a stunning picture.

  56. A lovely picture of a beautiful place – it’s the bridge and reflection that really make it special.

  57. Just beautiful…..

  58. Beautiful. Being in the midst of a snowless winter, this is an exquisite reminder of what we’ve been missing for the past 3 months….

  59. WOW

  60. すごいです! 本当にすばらしい写真です。ざんねんながら、日本へ五月に行くことがでません。~カイリ

  61. Hello! I nominated you to receive the Kreative Blogger Award!

    Click here to check it out!

  62. My favorite so fare – but I love the winter. *smile – absolutely stunning photo. Can feel the chill through the screen!

  63. It’s amazing. So Dr. Zavago, pardon my pathetic spelling. Hear that? I’m humming Lara’s Theme.

  64. Great pic!

  65. Spectacular!

  66. I want to be teleported to that place. 🙂 Mesmerizing!

  67. Absolutely beautiful!!

  68. Stunning.

  69. How beautiful. Looks like a picutre that could be from a children’s story (very Harry Potter) or fairy tale. Well done for capturing the train and its refection so well.

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