UFO (Deer in a Field of Blue) – Richmond Park, London, England – Mark Bridger   18 comments



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UFO (Deer in a Field of Blue) – Richmond Park, London, England – Mark Bridger

Sometimes the name of a photo invokes a feeling that would not have been there before, but it fits perfectly. In the case of this image, it really feels like the deer is in a clearing where a UFO’s light is shining upon it. What do you think? Is it pretty convincing proof of extraterrestrial life?

If this deer looks familiar it is probably because Mark has recently been featured last week with another great deer image called Fallow Love. Please read his story behind the image below and then visit his site here  at http://www.bridgephotography.co.uk/wildlife


Enter Mark:

This photo was taken on a very foggy cold October morning in Richmond Park London. I was walking around looking for deer that were fighting as it was in the middle of the rutting season. When we turned up we were treated to some of the best fog and low golden sun I’ve ever seen, it was awesome and we were very excited about it. So, off we strolled to find the red deer in Richmond. These deer are wild but managed, so there are never too many there.

It didn’t take long to find a group of females being harassed by a group of large stags. We started to snap away, but the best shots from that morning for me were the single males in the fog and not the action shots of them fighting. The light was so good I started to try different WB settings in camera to see what it would do with it, I saw this lone stag walking to the light filtering through the large oak trees and hoped he would stop underneath it which he almost did, I took a few shots with the WB of my Canon 1Dmk3 set at 6000k to create a warm look to the photo then changed it to 2000k to create a cold blue look which worked perfectly. I changed it even more when I got home in aperture and moved the blue slider to increase the effect which looked more like moonlight than early morning light and cropped the photo to suit how I saw the screen.


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18 responses to UFO (Deer in a Field of Blue) – Richmond Park, London, England – Mark Bridger

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  1. Looks like a scenic background from Night Gallery or some science fiction show. That deer is so small looking compared to the total sum of the space

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  3. Love the deer, pretty awesome image which makes me tingle and smile 🙂

  4. surreal

  5. blue-tiful!

  6. Wonderful. Beam me up, Scotty.

  7. I say they do exist and this photo, even though it’s not lights from a UFO, makes me feel that it is. GREAT!!!!

  8. Ethereal

  9. incredible!

  10. Beautiful work!

  11. Fantastic capture and perfect title!

  12. Awesome!

  13. Absolutely beautiful

  14. Too cool! I can hear the Elk

  15. If I hadn’t known, I would have thought this was shot in Scandinavia or Canada.

  16. Wow … truly amazing shot .. how can anything be that blue – stunning photo and the light …

  17. Amazing image and colour!

  18. Beautiful shot!

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