Verdin on a Branch – Baja California Sur, Mexico   6 comments




Verdin on a Branch –Baja California Sur, Mexico

Wow, we have reached the start of our second month of posts.  Thanks to everyone for all of the emails and support we have gotten in such a short time.  We are growing in viewership exponentially each week and are very happy with all of the positive feedback.  Thanks to those of you who are passing on to your friends, sending emails, commenting on photos, or just plain looking at the images every day.  The momentum we are building is incredible and can’t wait to show you all of our new photos and content.  So keep your hands in the car at all times and “Enjoy the ride!”

 I sometimes play bird calls on my Ipod to bring certain species in close.  You see, some birds are very territorial and don’t like other birds around. The verdin is one of those birds and it has no problem telling you to get out of town.  In fact, one verdin I called in Southern Arizona attacked my Ipod external speakers that were right next to me and my camera’s tripod.  Now, I don’t recommend calling a bird more than two to three times because they have a lot of work to do just to survive each day, but when the time and species are right it sure can help create some stunning photos very quickly.   Also, if you are not sure what type of bird may be in the bush, use the verdin’s call to call them out.  I don’t know why but their call seems to bother almost any small bird around. 

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6 responses to Verdin on a Branch – Baja California Sur, Mexico

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  1. Thanks for your advice about not playing the bird’s call too many times. This is particularly important when it is time for them to nest.

  2. Great photo!

  3. If only I was there! It seems like it’s so easy, but I’m sure you couldn’t play a bird call on an I-pod for just any bird. It doesn’t seem like that bird would be busy to do the verdin’s call more than three times. It just attacks and then goes on its way, right? I can’t judge that though.

  4. I just LOVE NATURE 😉

  5. Thanks Bananabatman I am glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Good advice and a good shot.

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