Wandering Albatross – Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand   6 comments




Wandering Albatross – Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand

Okay you may be thinking “So what? A little seagull.  Big Whoop!”  Well this seagull turns out to be a Wandering Albatross with the largest wingspan of any bird on earth. About 12 feet! There are only about 25,000 of these birds left in the world. So how did this one ended up actually pecking my 16mm-35mm camera lens?

When in Kaikoura most people swim with the dolphins and search for sperm whales, but when I was there nobody went on the sea bird tour.  They really missed out. We did all three tours and they were all amazing.  Ocean Wings http://www.albatrossencounter.co.nz  does the sea bird tour and Captain Gary took us out for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Actually it was a twice in a lifetime experience because we went back the next day.  You have the opportunity to see up to a dozen species of Albatross, a ton of shearwaters, and petrels galore.  Did I mention that we saw hundreds of birds and many were within 1 or 2 feet away?  Although I have no connection with this tour I would highly recommend it if you are in New Zealand and looking for something out of the ordinary.  Who am I kidding the entire country is out of the ordinary. 

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  1. Amazed you were able to get so close! I wasn’t so lucky last time I was in Kaikoura. They are such rare and graceful birds.

  2. Awesome photo! Glad you got to see the NZ birds. You’re so right, people do tend to gravitate toward the whale or dolphin encounters and neglect the birdlife!

  3. Lovely shot. They are such wonderful birds. They meet as teenagers and can stay together for 50 years raising a chick every summer. I live in New Zealand and feel fortunate to be close to so much wonderful wildlife. Great site, really enjoy your shots!

  4. Talk about up close and personal!

  5. That albatross has a large beak too. That’s definitely some exotic New Zealand bird. I’m glad you were able to get real close to it.

  6. What a beautiful shot of this Albatross!!! I would love to go to New Zealand!

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