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Where's Waldo


Where’s Waldo? – Pemberton, British Columbia – Henrik Nilsson

The first thing I thought of when I saw this image was a harbor seal?!?  You see here on the coast we have a ton of seals and they are always popping their heads up out of the ocean and taking a look around. This buck is actually swimming in an “amber wave of grain” and has the exact same expression as our local seals.  The hues of brown in this image are magnificent and quite the contrast to yesterday’s ocean blues.  Henrik’s focus on the deer in the field is tack sharp much like all of his images. To check them out please visit his portfolios of wildlife from around the world!



Enter Henrik:

Every summer, quite a few bears come down from the mountains around here.  So each year, I hit a few of my favorite spots looking to get images of black bears.  On this particular day, I was driving in a valley west of Pemberton, Bristish Columbia, when I spotted something in a field.  At first, I wasn’t quite sure what it was.  It was there and then it wasn’t.  But before long, it became very clear that some deer were busy eating in one of the fields.  And given the setting, I certainly couldn’t pass that up.  I made several images of the deer that day but this one was my favorite.  The shot was captured with a Canon 7D on a 500 F4 IS, f10, ISO 400.  I used my vehicle as a blind and the window as support (with a bean bag).  Yes, I didn’t even have to get out of the truck.  How is that for wildlife shooting?!  And I did manage to find a few black bears as well.

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36 responses to Where’s Waldo? – Pemberton, British Columbia

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  4. very cute!!

  5. Awesome picture! Beautiful.

  6. I love wildlife photography. In fact I just love animals :P. I really like this photo. British Columbia is also a beautiful place.

  7. Fantastic!

  8. Great shot!

  9. Beautiful!

  10. Cute!

  11. Nice! and yes it does seem to pup up out of a sea of grain, or field of water…:))

  12. Thanks for the like, you have some amazing images… this one was especially amazing… 🙂

  13. Awesome Shot. You are both outstanding in your field!!!

  14. Hahaaa, so damn cute!! 😀

  15. What a cute photograph. What a good cover that is around him. Deer around here would love to have that cover during hunting season. I am not a hunter, but know many deer would love to have that kind of cover.
    So cute

  16. Looks pensive and not at all lonely in there by him/herself..Lovely background

  17. Lol! I posted a similar picture yerterday:http://havehest.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/daily-short-summary-from-morning-nature-birding-walk/

    These piccies are always funny!

  18. Awesome shot! Quick question: Can your featured photographs be used on a personal website or blog with photo credit?

  19. sweet shot of the deer in grain field! thanks for sharing.

  20. This is a great photo.

  21. Outstanding, quite literally!

  22. Lovely shot, how lucky was that, and taken so well.

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  24. now that is my favorite! it must be Bambi…

  25. That is a great shot!

  26. What an awesome shot!

  27. Quite the handsome freeloader!

  28. Don’t you wonder what it’s thinking? Great photo.

  29. Nice!!

  30. first thought was ‘way out of my league’ . The deer in amber is a magical moment

  31. amazing photo!

  32. Love it!

  33. Beautiful image, such a lovely animal…. I hope this young’un stays safe.

  34. great photos here! very inspiring. thank you for the work.

  35. Love it.

  36. Many animals, especially geese and other birds, are less scared of people in (parked) cars than of people walkiing.

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