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Early Bird Gets the Shot, Early Worm Gets Eaten!

My biological clock is designed to wake up early.  This sucks for my past roommates and loved ones who have to put up with me stomping around at four or five in the morning.  However it is great if you are a photographer (or surfer).  I like to check, clean, and organize my gear the night before and then head out well before sunrise the next morning to my destination.

Good Morning Witchita Mountains

While visiting my aunt in Lawton, OK I woke up early every morning and drove to the Witchita Mountains Wildlife Refuge to look for some big grazers. When I arrived it was pitch black, but as the sun peaked over the …well … peaks I was stunned.   Holy Poop dude this place is amazing.  Elk, bison, and even Texas (Oklahoma?) longhorns were everywhere.   I used my car as a blind for about 75% of the shots then hiked for a while once the golden light had faded.  Being face to face with a 1,500 pound bison can be a bit intimidating.  Okay maybe a lot intimidating. I did this for three days straight and found great photo opportunities each day.  For example, this little guy posed within thirty feet of the car in perfect light on the first day.  Oddly enough I was the only car I saw all morning except for the ranger’s truck.  I find that whenever I check out a new place I am usually rewarded with a great experience.   It is just having the motivation to go check it out.

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  1. As an Okie, I especially like this photo. Thank you!

  2. The buffalo’s spirit is full of light and yellow grasses. The buffalo’s eye is black and stares right at you.

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