5 Reasons Why You Need “Zion National Park – Behind the Lens” (Even if You are Not a Photographer) – Product Review


 Behind the Lens Zion


5 Reasons Why You Need “Zion National Park – Behind the Lens” (Even if You are Not a Photographer) – Product Review

Are you planning on going to Zion National Park anytime soon? Well this e-book is the perfect precursor to your trip. You might remember Ian Plant from his breathtaking image (CLICK HERE) from Patagonia earlier this week.  He has a series of e-books out that I have fallen in love with.  This one is a crash course in Zion National park that no visitor should be without.

1)      $8 Workshop  – This book is like a 45 page workshop with Ian.  Crawl around in his head and look over his shoulder as he takes you through one of our nation’s most beautiful parks.

2)      Know Where to Go and When – Each special area of the park that Ian covers has at least one amazing photo that he describes exactly how he took it (When, Where, and How).

3)      Find Areas Off the Beaten Path to Photograph – Ian covers many popular areas showing different angles than the normal postcard shots.  He also ventures deep into the canyons to show you what you can accomplish with a little determination.

4)     Spectacular Photography and Well Written – Ian doesn’t waste words or digital space.  Every site covered (20 to be exact)  is not only beautifully represented, but his writing style that is easy to follow and a pleasure to read.  I felt like we are friends talking over a beer except he was doing all the talking.  It is better that way!

5)      100% Guarantee – Don’t believe me? Then see for yourself.  Ian gives a 100% refund if you are not satisfied .

If you know someone who might like this, feel free to buy it for them and then email it to them.  That is the great thing about e-books.  You don’t have to wait! You could be in Zion as you read this and have it now!  Click below to order!!

Click here to visit Ian Plant Photography.



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