“Zottel is Back”- Alps, Switzerland – John Wilhelm – Featured Photographer   53 comments




“Zottel is Back”- Alps, Switzerland – John Wilhelm – Featured Photographer

As with many great photographs, John has not only created an emotion with his photo, but also leads the viewer into an imaginary story written in their own mind.

I hope this photo makes you smile.  I certainly did when I opened it.  At first, I thought “what a silly goat chewing on a flower”.  Then I realized this was only the beginning of the destruction.  I assume by now that entire field of daisies has been reduced to goat made fertilizer.  Please follow John below on how he painstakingly created Zottel.

Take it away John :

Hi there everyone.

Wonderful to be here on PhotoBotos with one of my shots. Wow!

The selected photo was very difficult to take. We had to keep track of this very rare and shy animal for months.  We chased it with helicopters, dogs and a team of 15 experienced Swiss goat-hunters till we caught it on this wonderful plane of flowers in the middle of the Swiss Alps.

No seriously… this goat lives just a hop outside my house.  I like simple photographs, untouched and straight out of the camera, but I LOVE  to combine all available techniques (camera equipment and software) to develop shots from me  into something special which reflects my imagination of how the the ideal picture should look.

Now the facts to the Goat Pic:

–    shot with Sony Nex 7 (great great cam!) and the new Zeiss 24 1.8 (great lens)

–    3 shots in a focus-stack (manually combined in PS)

–    sky is a separate Shot (Leica M9, 21 Distagon, Swiss Alps)

–    flowerplane and flower in mouth were generated with Terragen

–    everything edited and composed in Photoshop CS 5

–    duration to create this: approx. 10h

 If you like this goat you may like other photos by me too:





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53 responses to “Zottel is Back”- Alps, Switzerland – John Wilhelm – Featured Photographer

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  2. Perfection … 😀

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  4. Great picture! Wishing i could have gone along for the “goat-chase” – hehhehee – keep shooting 😉

  5. Very funny photo, made my day!

  6. You made my day. Great….

  7. A wonderful image and a great idea

  8. So perfect!

  9. Such a great photo, thank you for sharing!

  10. So happy and free! Love this photo!

  11. Wow! Beautiful!

  12. this is great piece of art

  13. Wow.. this photo is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for posting this

  14. Great composition! Good Job!

  15. Thank you so much for stopping by my site at forthebetterme.com. I’m new to all of this, and I just figured out how to go to other people’s sites. My wife is a photographer, and she loved going through your blog! In fact, I think she’s still perusing on her computer. Anyway, thanks again!

  16. That is so baaaaaaaaaad. I love it.

  17. OMG but that’s one adorable goat! It looks like its going to give directions for some reason.
    Going by the adage that there are no stupid questions, I am going to ask one. Is that a real field of daisies? Is that goat really standing in a field of daisies??? If so, its mind blowing!

  18. Silly goat.

  19. Reblogged this on All About Travel.

  20. What a quirky piece… I loved it!

  21. The look on the goat’s face is classic.

  22. I ADORE that goat! lol What a splendid photo! Years and years ago, there was a comedy movie starring Doris Day entitled “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies!” with a song by the same name. Your pic made me zoom back through time to that song — which, unfortunately, now will be playing all afternoon in my head! lol Candice

  23. Love the goat!

  24. A gorgeous goat!

  25. Great picture – you’re right, it does make one smile! What a cheaky twinkle in the goat’s eye!

  26. Reblogged this on MY BLOG ~.

  27. Beatiful! Maa-a-a-a-a! 😉

  28. Upon first glance I thought there was no way you got all that dynamic range in one shot. I was relieved to read that you added the sky in post. Really well done!

  29. Got daisies?

  30. Would make a great ad.


  31. LOL, first thought … Doris Day, “Don’t eat the Daisies”. What a wonderful shot.

  32. Very fine photo!!

  33. Fantastic work!

  34. Amazing……beautiful….incredible…..

  35. Love this picture, Thanks for sharing!

  36. darling. I am pinning this sweet goat to my pastoral life board on Pinterest…

  37. good!!!

  38. gave me a great smile 🙂

  39. love this 🙂 you are making me miss my goat
    Miss Molly, someone stole her from my yard 🙁
    thanks for great pic

  40. Aw that is fantastic – that goat has put a much needed smile on my face!

  41. Love this….it’s one of those pictures that is so surreal that it almost looks fake – my favorite kind!

  42. What emotion you evoke in that shot! Very special stuff!

  43. Great picture! Lovely!

    I like the story behind it. Quite some equipment you needed to chase this animal. Glad you did succeed at the end and can share this photo with us now. 😆

    Keep up the good work! Keep ’em coming! Would love to see more of this kind.

  44. Think … he looks like he are on a mission – wonder what kind ??? Great photo!

  45. Humorous image of a rather cynical looking goat. 🙂

  46. Thanks for the comments.

    @wearywanderer64: Perhaps you could try to smoke a bunch of daisies to obtain this special goat-expression in your own face :)))

  47. That is one ugly dog!

  48. Shows that photos can be fun and professional – Great.

  49. Sweet!

  50. Great idea, very well done! [oh, that look!]

  51. I never knew a goat could look so poetic!

  52. That goat looks high.

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